Got a hard or vinyl floor that needs protection? Or perhaps you’re laying down some tiles setting some concrete?

Far too often the answer is to use an adhesive film such as carpet film or a low adhesion window film. This option may seem great at the time but will cause problems in the end. These films are difficult, costly and time consuming to remove due to a sticky residue left behind for you to clean up!

We suggest using the Green Foam hard floor protection on any hard flooring surface. These rolls are 1.2m high by 50m in length 2mm thick and do not leave any sticky residue when removed.

Our Green Foam—made of very durable foam rolls—are endurable and hard wearing. Additionally, they can be rolled up and reused which results in a product far easier to use than standard cardboard or ram board rolls so you can get on with more important things.

To stick these rolls to the hard floor we recommend using Orange Vinyl tape. Orange Vinyl is a low adhesion tape with little risk of leaving any residue which many other tapes will do. If you are overlapping the roll to itself simply use a high stick duct tape.

Green Foam Hard Floor Protection and Orange Vinyl tape are a great solution for your hard floor protection needs.