Following on from the great success of the Wooster Silver Tip brushes, Wooster Brush Company have decided to develop and launch there new premium range of brushes called Wooster Gold Edge Varnish Brushes. These paint brushes are made with white and gold CT polyester filaments from Wooster, for excellent production and smoothing. This filament is very soft and fine to virtually eliminate brush marks, yet it has added stiffness to push paint further on the surface and provide control for sharp single-pass painting. These brushes are excellent for all paints and enamels and come with stainless steel ferrule and hardwood handle. At this stage we have managed to secure the flat version, with many other styles and shapes coming in the very near future. So keep and eye out for these and give them a whirl, you wont be disappointed! Sizes Available; 50mm, 63mm, 75mm