Due to the sudden need for all tradies on worksites country wide to sanitize their tools, vehicles, worksites, touchpoints etc, we are now selling the Conqor S22 Spray Applied Surface Sanitiser.

These come in both 5L & 20L containers and are able to be applied by a hand pump spray bottle, backpack sprayer or even a commercial sprayer. This makes a very cost effective option of keeping your tools and workstations clean and safe.

  • Ready to use spray treatment, no mixing or time required at site
  •   Kills germs in as little as 10 minutes. Quick acting
  • Residual spray treatment.

CONQOR S22 is effective as soon as applied, and continues to shield against pathogens for over two weeks (longer in non-trafficable zones), protecting your facilities, your team, and your clients. CONQOR S22 is ideal for a broad spectrum of commercial, government and healthcare situations. If you are responsible for essential services, healthcare and aged care, council facilities or transport, CONQOR S22 is an ideal part of your sanitisation program.

Coverage – 1L should cover 15-20m2

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