Did you know that we now stock and tint Paint Plus paint?

We are very excited to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor for Paint Plus paint in Christchurch!

Paint Plus is a well known and respected New Zealand company which started in 1997 and was founded on a strong desire to create environmentally friendly paints that delivery the highest performance.

Paint Plus make a paint which is –

  • less taxing on our natural resources,
  • easier and safer for people to use
  • withstands the rigorous quality assurance tests they perform.

Every single product made at Paint Plus is certified eco-friendly by Environmental Choice New Zealand, one of the world’s leading standards authorities.

So why not join hundreds of other painters throughout NZ who use and love the great Paint Plus range!

We now have a full tinting service available, able to match to any of the large Paint manufacturers colours in the country. Paint Plus also comes with its own colour range as well.

Check out our range of Paint Plus online here – TAKE A PEEK

Watch below as our master paint mixer Doug mixes our first order for a local Painter.