This week we visited on our our customers who was applying our Paint Plus Easy Flow interior topcoat to the walls of a two story house in Christchurch.
Our customer loves the coverage that the Paint Plus range provides which we agree with!
However what stood out to us the most was the lack of odour that usually comes with a freshly painted room or house, this is due to the waterbased eco-friendly nature of the Paint Plus paint range.
You may not know but the New Zealand Environmental choice labelling achieved by all Paint Plus products is among the best in the world according to a global study commissioned by the British government. “It is heartening for us to know that all our products meet some of the highest standards for environmental sustainability in the world,” says John Warman, co-founder of PaintPlus.
The home owners of this house moved into the house the same day to little or no smell, happy customer and happy home owners – winner all round!
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