Painting your fence may not seem like a high priority in protecting you property – but it really is and also something you wont regret.

Timber fences left unpainted quickly turn grey and can warp, or split. It’s not the most difficult job to paint a fence but some basic prep steps need to be taken.

First, clean the area thoroughly by removing all built up dirt and debris. A water blaster is ideal for this job but be careful not use too higher pressure or you could end up blasting away some of the softer parts of the wood fibre. If it’s a re-coat, scrape off all the old paint, feather off any rough or worn areas with a light sanding. If you have gates and latches you’ll not want to get paint on them so protect them with masking tape.

Then there’s the choice of paint. There’s a prevailing notion from many paint resellers that “It’s only a fence” and anything cheap will do.

But the paint has to more than just improve the look for the short term. It should be of a quality to resist UV, withstand fading and inhibit mould and mildew growth.

Paint+ has developed a new product that achieves this and more… Fence Guard. It is based on a modern polymer that, apart from being very weather resistant, is self-priming onto timber surfaces. These benefits along with the great coverage will save you time and materials.

Here at R&S Trade Centre we are able to tint onsite to any colour that you require, so talk to the experts today – you wont be disappointed!