What we do?

At R&S Trade Centre, our mission is to provide high quality trades supplies to paint, plaster and build and notably all at competitive prices. Ensuring our customer relationships are second to none enables us to provide an environment where the customer feels their needs and expectations are always met if not, regularly exceeded. We aim to have a strongly motivated team of workers able to provide professional advice, solve problems and keep our customers smiling with our friendly customer service.

Our core services include supplying our customers with products that they require to help them get ahead on whatever projects or jobs they’re doing without any delay. We supply smaller sundry items such as paint, paint brushes, rollers, roller frames, cages, trays etc. Additionally, we have a large range of hard and soft floor protection. We have a clothing range too which includes safety gear and general high quality work wear. We supply larger items such as ladders and scaffolding which all comply with NZ safety standards. Notably, one of our main services we offer which provides huge benefit to our customers is free delivery service within the Christchurch area.

Phil Cossham
Phil CosshamBusiness Owner
Email – phil@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76 ext 5

Elliott Cossham
Elliott CosshamSales & Marketing
Email – elliott@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76 ext 4

Adrian Cossham
Adrian CosshamSales
Email – adrian@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76 ext 3

Benji Maden
Benji MadenStock Control
Email – benji@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76 ext 7

Doug Thomson
Doug ThomsonShop Sales
Email – sales@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76

Adam Phillips
Adam PhillipsInventory & Deliveries
Email – sales@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76

Matt Mayes
Matt MayesShop Sales & Deliveries
Email – sales@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76

Sam Purcell
Sam PurcellAccounts
Email – accounts@rstradecentre.co.nz

Ph – 0800 99 99 76

Who we are?

At R&S Trade Centre, we operate within a small yet dedicated team of five star employees. Our path and drive to consistently up skill staff with the newest products prepares us for all types of questions and situations. As a result, we’re ready to answer any of your questions, queries and have the ability to solve all sorts of problems to keep you moving forward and getting on with the things that matter to you.

We started trading in 1990 from a small premise on Waltham Road in Christchurch before shifting a few years later to a bigger building on Orbell Street. We remained at Orbell Street until the earthquakes of 2011. Consequently, and like many others affected, we shifted to our new and current premises on Montreal Street. This gave us the space we desperately needed to keep up with the growing construction market in Christchurch which consequently has aided our beautiful city to thrive again.

  0800 99 99 76

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