Why do I need to strain my paint?


Straining paint is a process that involves filtering out any solid particles or impurities that may be present in the paint. While it may not always be necessary, straining paint can offer several benefits:

  1. Smooth Finish: Straining helps remove particles and debris from the paint, ensuring a smoother and more even finish on the painted surface. This is particularly important for surfaces where a smooth appearance is desired, such as walls and furniture.
  2. Preventing Clogs: Solid particles in the paint can clog the nozzle of a spray gun or the bristles of a paintbrush, leading to uneven application and potentially damaging your painting tools. Straining helps prevent these clogs, ensuring a consistent flow of paint.
  3. Improved Adhesion: Removing impurities from the paint can enhance the paint’s adhesion to the surface. This is crucial for the longevity of the paint job and helps prevent peeling or flaking over time.
  4. Professional Results: If you’re aiming for a professional-looking finish, straining your paint can contribute to achieving that level of quality. It helps eliminate imperfections that may be visible in the final coat.
  5. Removal of Settled Pigments: Paints can settle over time, leading to a concentration of pigments at the bottom of the container. Straining helps redistribute these pigments throughout the paint, ensuring consistent color and coverage.

When straining paint, you can use a fine-mesh strainer or a paint strainer bag. This process is particularly important for older paints or those that have been sitting for a while, as they are more likely to have settled particles. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for straining and application techniques to achieve the best results with your specific type of paint.


So what are my options for paint straining?

We have a number of options available for straining paint, these cover both the 4L & 10L pails.

Haydn Cone Paint Strainer 190 Micronhttps://rstradecentre.co.nz/product/haydn-cone-paint-strainer-250-pack/

Bulk 4L pack of 125 Strainershttps://rstradecentre.co.nz/product/tradieschoice-4l-paint-strainer-kit-125-pack/